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Tycho - Dive (Memoryhouse Remix)
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Heading to Richmond tonight for the Washed Out/Memoryhouse show. 

I’m very aware of Washed Out as I fell head over heels with last year’s Within and Without. And he also provides the “theme song" for everyone’s new favorite sketch comedy show, Portlandia. For the record, it’s called "Feel It All Around" and it comes from his EP, Life of Leisure. 

I’m not too familiar with the work of Memoryhouse, however. I know they share a label with Washed Out (Sub Pop), they released an EP last year which was a slow-going, keyboard-laden (almost) elegiac affair. They just released their debut album, The Slideshow Effect, which I’ve yet to hear. So I suppose my largest exposure to them thus far has been this remix of Tycho’s “Dive”. For this remix, they slow down the original’s vocals and synths and add a skittering beat, making it into something that feels like it should be called “garage lite.”

Starfucker - Biggie Smalls
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