Virginia Omnivore

What a way to start the week. Jon Hamm, a blue Yeti, an open-top convertible, and the sweet sweet sounds of Herman Düne. 

The video is for the title cut of their new EP, arriving on 01/17/12 on the Strange Moosic imprint. In my mind, I like to imagine these are the songs Beyonce sings to Jay-Zeh.

You can also check the band performing on the following dates. As far as I know, none of the shows will take place in an enchanted forest. Which is a shame.

Herman Dune North American Tour Dates
1/12 - Chicago @ Schubas (Tomorrow Never Knows Festival)
1/14 - Los Angeles @ Theatre Raymond Kabbaz
1/16 - New York @ Joe’s Pub
1/17 - Boston @ TT The Bear’s
1/18 - Montreal @ Il Motore
1/19 - Toronto @ Horseshoe Tavern

25 years ago, this song was unleashed on the world when They Might Be Giants released their self-titled “pink” album. 20 years ago at the ripe old age of 13, I bought my cassette copy with money I had saved mowing lawns and washing cars (I think) after completely absorbing Lincoln and Flood. I know they hate being described as “quirky” artists, but there’s no denying this is pure “quirky”, independent, 1980’s college radio, early days of MTV fare.

Jaga Jazzist - One-Armed Bandit

AKA “Peaches in Hollandia”. I wasn’t too familiar with this group, until I joined my college’s radio station. I was sent One-Armed Bandit by Ninja Tune’s radio PR team, Terrorbird Media, and quickly fell in love. There’s so much Zappa going on here, but also elements of minimalism, drum-and-bass, and fusion jazz. Even if that sounds like a huge mess, it actually gels quite well, and I still return to it time and time again.

Sidenote: also be sure to check out the “Bananfluer Overalt” single, which adds Giorgio Moroder disco, 8-bit, and New-Wave rhythms to the soup.

Tom Waits has a new album coming out (his first in seven years), and he really wants to share it with you. But he has a problem with this little thing called “the Internet”.

I think I’m going to make a lot of people tired of hearing the name “Kyle Andrews” between now and the night of his show at the Norfolk Taphouse (Sept. 5, for the uninformed). Let’s start here; at the the same place I first heard Kyle’s music, with “Sushi” from his Real Blasty album.

Except, unlike myself, you get the added bonus of his fully-interactive video for the song. Composed almost entirely out of pixelated versions of YouTube clips, with each click the viewer is lead to memes, George Carlin routines, and who knows what else? Somehow, if you’re still unfamiliar with videos like “Leave Britney Alone”, “History of Dance”, “Chocolate Rain”, etc., this is the best way to get acquainted.

And be sure to look for Kyle’s new album, Robot Learn Love, on Elephant Lady Records next Tuesday.