Virginia Omnivore

I think I’m going to make a lot of people tired of hearing the name “Kyle Andrews” between now and the night of his show at the Norfolk Taphouse (Sept. 5, for the uninformed). Let’s start here; at the the same place I first heard Kyle’s music, with “Sushi” from his Real Blasty album.

Except, unlike myself, you get the added bonus of his fully-interactive video for the song. Composed almost entirely out of pixelated versions of YouTube clips, with each click the viewer is lead to memes, George Carlin routines, and who knows what else? Somehow, if you’re still unfamiliar with videos like “Leave Britney Alone”, “History of Dance”, “Chocolate Rain”, etc., this is the best way to get acquainted.

And be sure to look for Kyle’s new album, Robot Learn Love, on Elephant Lady Records next Tuesday.