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Continuing my themed “Best of 2011” series - this time, we turn it up to 10-1/2!

Class Actress - Silent Night
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Halloween just passed and Thanksgiving’s right around the corner. So, is it too early for Christmas music? Washington DC-based Carpark Records doesn’t seem to think so. Here’s the first offering from a free Christmas EP coming soon to retailers from Brooklyn’s Class Actress. As Carpark promises, it will be a physical release only and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Also, this Honda ad features an ace Class Actress tune from their Journal of Ardency EP.

Yuck - Natsu Nandesu
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Oh great, now I have to go and buy another copy of my favorite album of 2011. Usually, I skip re-issues, but with Yuck I’m willing to make an exception… Click to hear them perform a cover of the Japanese folk-rock band Happy End’s “Natsu Nandesu”. This comes from the Japanese bonus track edition. There is also a deluxe 2 CD re-issue out now on Fat Possum.