Virginia Omnivore

Every song on Brown Bird’s new album Salt For Salt seems like it was pulled from the field recordings of Alan Lomax, especially the lead-in track, “Fingers To The Bone”. David Lamb and MorganEve Swain seem content to sing about labor and strife. They encourage listeners to enjoy their album in “a room made out of wood” as to not miss the layers of instrumentation. While Swain spends most of her time playing cello, violin, and double bass, Lamb sits in front of a kick drum outfitted with a woodblock and tambourine on a separate pedal. Though rooted in modern folk, their music also comes with a Turkish or Greek feel. 

However, tonight they’ll be appearing in a good old-fashioned building made of rebar and concrete, located in the midst of downtown Norfolk. Come see Brown Bird opening for The Devil Makes Three at The Jewish Mother. All the info can be found here.

Snakes Say HISSS

Snakes Say HISS Live

If I’m not mistaken (and I could be), this photo of Snakes Say HISSS was taken at a Famous Class Records showcase at last year’s CMJ. I remember it being sheer pandemonium. There was more stage-diving and crowd-surfing than I’d seen in years, by both the band and the audience - never mind that the stage is only a few feet off the ground. At one point, the band and the audience even completely switched positions, with the crowd overtaking the stage, forcing the band (save the drummer) to play from the floor of the venue. Somewhere in the midst of all this, a man in a three-piece suit stood atop one of the speakers and, in order to cool himself off, poured an entire beer over his head. It didn’t get any better when their labelmates, Darlings, closed out the night. Even though it was a brisk October night in Brooklyn, I left Don Pedro’s covered in sweat, both mine and the crowd’s. It was a show I’ll likely never forget.

And so, imagine my utter dismay at finding out that Snakes Say HISSS will be performing in Richmond this weekend. On the same day I’m attending a wedding. And the day after I will have just driven back from Richmond for another event.  So, please, if you happen to live in Richmond, do yourself a favor and go see these guys. Their music is a mix of Microcastle- era Deerhunter and the calliope organ stylings of Passion Pit. I know, it sounds horrible to read (it sounded even worse to say), but it works. Don’t believe me - check out both cuts from their new 7” here and here

Who: Snakes Say HISSS

Where: Reference Gallery

           216 E Main St. Richmond VA   

When: Sadly, I don’t know. Reference hasn’t really done a good job of updating their concert page. So call them (804) 225-9007  or e-mail them for more details.